is speed dating for me?

In a fast paced city that offers a wide range of social activities, residents are able to enjoy dining in restaurants, exploring museums and visiting local pubs. With the large amount of cultural and social activities, singles have multiple opportunities to connect with new people. Yet, starting a conversation with an attractive stranger can be challenging and ineffective if not performed correctly.You have to subject yourself to rejection. What if you like someone and they don't like you back? Speed dating is not for the thin-skinned person. Your inner critic will have a field day if no one picks you. If you lead a busy a busy life then you will probably find it difficult to find the time to look for that special someone. Apart from making the usual rounds of the bars and clubs, your options can be somewhat limited. You could maybe place a personal ad, but then who knows what response you'd get. Internet dating sites give you more information, a profile and a photo, which helps, but you only have a picture to go by. If you want to see real, live people, then speed dating is probably for you because you get to meet your potential date, and so you could be asking yourself, is speed dating for me?